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Tree care isn’t a job to rush into. Even the most zealous do-it-yourselfer will possibly want to use the skill of tree services on this one. The issue is, how do you find the best tree service? Additionally, once you have found them, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff for so hazardous a job as tree maintenance?

Cautions About Hiring Tree Services

A handyman driving around your community in a pickup with a chainsaw and pruning shears yelling out prices might not be right for work requiring such a high level of liability. For hazardous work like this, a tree service having adequate insurance could be the consumer’s main concern. Request to look at workman’s compensation insurance and certificates of liability. You want to make sure they are current. Contact the insurance company to validate current policy. 

Be cautious of hiring tree services asking for payment in advance or who want to start work without having created a free estimate. In all honesty, consumers should ask for an estimate and written contract, detailing exactly what the tree job entails and at what cost. 

If tree work needs to be done on a tree whose aesthetic appeal is critical to you, always request that tree services climb the tree using an aerial lift or ropes instead of using climbing spikes. Spikes destroys the cambium of a tree. Also, don’t let no one talk you into getting tree topping service.

References and Word of Mouth

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to ask co-workers, family, and friends for recommendations. 

If someone in your neighborhood had tree care and the tree suddenly was in the living room due to the negligence of the tree service company, you will no doubt hear every single detail about it.

Tree services worth employing will benefit from word of mouth and will be happy to give you a phone number list of local customers pleased with competent work. As when dealing with any specialist who will be working around your house, don’t be scared to get references from your tree service business.

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